Monday, September 14, 2020


Book 3 delivered a realization to me about why I love this series so much.  The characters continue across the series and they grow.  They don’t keep making the same mistakes.  Each book is complete in itself, but as the series continues, it forms a well-rounded world with realistic characters.  I’m at the point where I expect to meet the characters in real life. 


THRALL is another excellent installment.  If you’ve read the first books, don’t miss out on this one. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Book 4 delivers the same action and supernatural drama as the first books in the series, along with believable characters that are Matthew Cox’s trademark.  You will root for Kirsten to soar.

I like that the series isn’t all about romance.  Lately, you can’t find an adult book, not even an adult science fiction book, that doesn’t have romance in it. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Another winner from Matthew Cox!  This is an interesting mixture of science fiction and ghosts.  The characters are real.  The situations keep you on the edge of your seat.  This is a remarkable series of crimes, peril, and the paranormal.  This isn’t a book you want to fly through, but rather, it is one to savor and enjoy.

Note: This book continues after book 1, so definitely book 1 first to truly enjoy this masterpiece.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Kim Possible (Live Action)

 Jordan Bradt: Kim Possible was one of my favorite TV shows.  I knew they had come out with a live action movie, but I hadn't been too interested until it came up as a suggestion while I was looking for a movie to watch with my son.  

He actually enjoyed it, and at the end, he wanted to do the same fighting moves.  Is it bad that I can't really tear it apart?  Maybe its because I didn't watch it a lot (or ever) as a kid.  The movie was cheesy, of course, and you could tell the special effects were special effects, but it all worked as a kid movie.  

It brought in many elements of the TV show, like Shego and Bonnie, and it was awesome seeing Christy Carlson Romano.  It felt as if the creators tried to make it as fun as possible without really adhering to realism, and it worked.  I liked the actress who played Kim, and Ron wasn't too bad.  

I came away from it with a strong sense of positive feminism.  Girls can kick butt without feeling bad about it.  They were bada**.  

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

 Jordan Bradt:  This was one of my favorite DCOM movies when I was younger.  I loved vampires, and I loved Sabrina.  "Aunt Hilda" from Sabrina stars as a the mom.  This was a spookier movie, and it wasn't on all that often, so when the Disney Channel did play it, I was riveted in front of the television set.

I'm not 13 anymore, and alas, it didn't quite live up to my expectations.  It was still a pretty cool movie, and I think its great for preteens who want something a little scarier than normal, but not too scary.  Its a Halloween movie for kids.  

Of course, I had some issues with it...

1. Malachi Van Helsing sucks.  It takes him forever to cast a finding spell to point him in the right direction.  He was driving around for hours.  He didn't think to do it earlier?  Then when he actually battles the vampire, he's knocked out easily.  Not to mention that he and the vampire are in the same grocery store, and he somehow doesn't see him.  

2. Van Helsing is like a weird version of Dean Winchester from Supernatural.  The outfit, the job, the car... Did the Supernatural people see this movie and decide to make Van Helsing 100 times cooler?  I don't get why Mom and Van Helsing even "hit it off" at the end.  Is Mom desperate for companionship?  (Not the vibe I got during the beginning of the movie.) She doesn't even know him.  How is she not still reeling from the fact that her boyfriend was an actual vampire?

3. Speaking of Mom...I LOVED her story in this.  Strong, single woman power!  She is rocking it as a single mom (even if she does make a couple mistakes, but we're all human and they are believable).  She is an ex-rocker, and when she takes the stage, she comes into her own.  She remembers who she is and she SHINES!  She even turns down the vampire before he entrances her because she's remembering how much she loves herself.  I was cheering for her.

4. I don't remember the vampire dude's name.  The closed captioning was even on and I kept reading his name, but whatever.  He wants to entrance a woman to be his bride forever (I guess), but he and the mom don't get along.  He's continuously put off by her and disgusted.  He doesn't share any of her interests.  Is that really who he wants to spend eternity with?  Wouldn't you rather have someone you got along with?

5. Why do these single parents in Disney movies have grand houses?!  What kind of job did Mom have that she could afford that mansion in a nice neighborhood?  

6. Why are the kids always upper middle class?  I can remember never relating to them, and I still can't relate to them.  Why weren't any of the kids poor?

\7. Duffy, the boy's best friend, was so annoying.  What exactly did he do to be a good best friend?

8. Last, but not least, why was it okay for the little brother to run off with Van Helsing?  Van Helsing should have taken him back home.  Instead, he drove around with him for hours looking for the vampire and sharing a sandwich.  I don't mean tearing a sandwich in half.  Van Helsing took a bite and then the little boy bit into the same area.  Creeper alert!

Saturday, August 15, 2020


I knew I was in for a good book because Matt wrote it, and I love his Vampire series.  The book is set in the future and Division Zero is a police force that investigates the paranormal.  This one had more action than some of his books.  Its fast paced, never slowing down for a breather.  I wish I could have read it in one sitting.  The characters are all real and emotional as all of his characters.  If you’re looking for a thriller with a unique take on psionic abilities, check out DIVISION ZERO.

Sunday, August 2, 2020


Book 10 is just as entertaining. Matthew Cox knows how to take a vampire story to the next level with realistic characters you can’t get enough of. Even though this is book 10, the story is still going strong. It doesn’t start to peter out, as some long series do. While you can read this book and enjoy it for its own merits, I suggest you start at the beginning. You won’t be disappointed in any of the books.