Sunday, June 21, 2015

Interview with Oliver Stejskal

I had the honor of interviewing author Oliver Stejskal:

1) Tell us about your latest book.

“Oliver and Jumpy”, are best of friends and experience many adventures together in this extensive series. Oliver is a black-and-white tomcat, who is very self-assured. As a matter of fact he says: “I love myself!” quite often. But his best friend Jumpy is aware that he is only putting up a front! Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others. The great thing is Jumpy’s pouch, which Oliver loves to ride in! He calls her his kangaroo taxi!

2) How did you get your start writing?

There are lots of fairy tales and bedtime stories around and many of them are quite violent and unsuitable for young children. This made me decide to write something different. On a flight from Europe to Australia I watched the movie ‘Magic on Belle Island’ with Morgan Freeman, where Freeman teaches a little girl to have imagination and write her first story. This inspired me as well and the first stories with the two main characters Oliver, the elegant tomcat, and Jumpy, his kangaroo lady friend, made their appearance. It was my full intention to create something quite different and maybe even controversial at times. I prefer to treat children like adults within reason. 

3) What publishing credits do you have under your belt?

This series has thirteen published books so far and another seven are coming up this year.

4) What is your writing process?

I go through different scenarios of children’s stories and find my inspiration there.

5) What has been your most rewarding writing experience?

I love to write and produce for children. I like parents telling me how much their little ones enjoy the illustrations and fairly unusual scenarios.

6) What writing projects are you working on now?

This series is ongoing and will take my full attention for a long time to come. After finalizing about 20 books, I will consider translations into other languages and finally find sponsors to turn it into a TV series.

My website:

My Amazon author’s page: (You will always find a free full-length book there and the free Introduction to the series)



Born in Vienna, Austria, Werner is now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with his wife, two married children and three grandchildren. He worked in the printing industry for many years and later for the United Nations in Vienna. Now retired, after a full and eventful life, he began to write children’s stories. He found illustrators through Odesk, narrated them himself for YouTube and finally took the next step by publishing ebooks.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Your Sacred Yes

I received a copy of YOUR SACRED YES: TRADING LIFE-DRAINING OBLIGATIONS FOR FREEDOM, PASSION, & JOY by Susie Larson from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.  I enjoy books like this – I think of them as “self help” – and this one really struck a chord with me.  I have recently been plagued by some stressors both in work and in life, so I looked forward to this book.  In one word, it is “liberating.”  I liked reading about life from someone else’s point-of-view.  I could relate much of what was said to things that I do.

People call me a “go-getter.”  A “leader.”  “Nice.”  Basically, I say yes to things a lot, and always with an almost too perky smile.  I want people to be happy and I want to experience new, positive things.  This book helped me to still achieve those sensations while saying no.  The book stresses that these ways are so that we won’t feel guilt or shame. 

I highly recommend this to, basically, everyone (and especially a few I know personally who struggle with this.  They will be getting emails from me about this book).  We all face moments when we want to say yes, but it would be in our best interest to actually go with no.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dockland Kingslayer

Steampunk is my new favorite genre and I was excited to read this, THE DOCKLAND KINGSLAYER. The fantasy aspects are compelling the steampunk draws you in. I rooted for Alistair, finding him realistic and relatable. Reading this, you will experience humor, suspense, and twists you never saw coming. Highly recommended!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Greying

I received a copy of THE GREYING by Dallas Sutherland in exchange for an honest review.  It is short and flows well.  It was another book where once I began reading, I couldn’t stop.  I enjoyed it and I believe that younger readers would as well.  I have recommended it to a friend for her 12-year-old daughter.  I believe she will greatly enjoy the fairytale feel to the story.  I certainly did.

This is highly recommended.  

Friday, June 5, 2015


I received a copy of LIFEBOAT by A. B. Shepherd in exchange for an honest review.  I had previously read her other story, THE BEACON, and enjoyed it immensely, so I was excited to dive into LIFEBOAT.  I found it coll that it involves aliens.  I don’t normally read about them – honestly, I can’t recall the last alien book I did read.  For that fact alone, this was refreshing, but it is more than that.  I found the poetic in nature and thought provoking.  The story sucked me in.  Cass is a character you will keep rooting for.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Beacon

I received a copy of THE BEACON by A. B. Shepherd in exchange for an honest review.  This book is poetically beautiful.  The thriller aspect kept me on my toes through the entire thing.  The best part was that it was short, so I could fly right through it!  Highly recommended.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I received a copy of SOULSPARK by Eliza Tilton in exchange for an honest review.  I have known Eliza for many years.  She’s one of my best critique partners and without her support, I wouldn’t be a published author today.  I’m proud of how well she has done as an author. 

Without giving away any spoilers, I greatly enjoyed the book and Caleb is one of my new favorite book-friends.  He’s fully dimensional and I really felt for him.  Of course, don’t take my word for it – read the book and see for yourself!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bible Dominoes

I received a copy of BIBLE DOMINOES from Lion Hudson in exchange for an honest review.  This isn’t actually a book.  It is exactly what it sounds like – these are dominoes.  I was actually pretty excited about these.  I had never played dominoes before, even though we do have a set in a little case, and I loved the theme. 

With that said, I have mixed feelings.  I’m going to do the sandwich idea.  The good, the bad, and end with more good. 

The good: These are dominoes with Bible-themed pictures on them.  They are cardboard, so kids can play with them, although excessive play might harm them.  It comes with a short Bible storybook.

The bad: The dominoes are big, so they don’t fit well in small hands.  Kids would have to lay them down in order to play and then the other players would see what they have.  The book is a little too short.  The pictures on the dominoes sort of relate to the stories, but I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to play and then read, or if you played a card and then read the corresponding story.  (Both ways would work).  These felt more like colorful, kid-friendly dominoes rather than Bible dominoes. 

More of the good:  I played this with my family, and my 70-year-old uncle loved them.  I do recommend these as a fun game.