Thursday, December 30, 2010


I received a copy of LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT by Cara Lynn James, from Thomas Nelson. It is the second novel in the “Ladies of Summerhill” series. I read the first book, LOVE ON A DIME, and absolutely loved it. This second novel did not disappoint. Cara Lynn James is one of my new favorite authors. Her characters are realistic and catchy, as well as endearing. I loved the whole thing, except the last chapter. It left me wanting more, but not in a good way. Rather, it left me feeling like something had been cut.

This story, LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT, involves Charlotte Hale, an aspiring journalist. Her paper’s editor asks her to go undercover and discover the dirty secrets behind Professor Daniel Wilmont, who writes a controversial column for a rivaling newspaper. Charlotte agrees, hoping it will bring her prestige, and becomes the governess for his two children. While in his house, she learns he is a wonderful man who follows his religion strongly. His children, a boy and girl, become close to her, and the girl, Ruthie, wishes Charlotte could become her new mother. Things get rockier when the professor’s mother returns to the home and dislikes Charlotte. She also does not have any evidence of Daniel’s amoral deeds – because there are not any. Her editor decides to take her off the case and replace her with another of his secretaries. Charlotte does not want Daniel, or his family hurt, so she quits the newspaper, even though she is the breadwinner for her sister and aunt. Through Daniel, she has renewed her faith and she knows God will see her through any perils.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I received a copy of AN AMISH LOVE, from Thomas Nelson. The book is comprised of three novellas concerning modern-day Amish couples. Each story is heartwarming, and quick, so the book is very fast paced. I read all 387 pages in one afternoon. The end of the book includes Amish recipes and a reading guide for each novella.

The first novella in the book is A MARRIAGE OF THE HEART by Kelly Long. The story involves young Abigail Kauffman, who makes up a story about Joseph Lambert kissing her. He has recently returned from the English world, and she hopes he’ll take her away from her father. Ever since her mother’s death when she was five, Abigail has not enjoyed her home life. Joseph, however, is interested in staying Amish, and putting behind his past, when he suffered drug addictions and lived on city streets. The two manage to make a happy life for themselves with her father. I loved this story, and found it very engaging. I wished it were longer.

The second novella in the book is WHAT THE HEART SEES by Kathleen Fuller. This story involves Ellie Chipp, who lost her eyesight in an automobile accident years before. Her friend, Christopher Miller, was so distraught by the accident because it took his sister’s life, that he left the Amish community, unable to forgive the car’s driver. He returns, hoping to finally set things straight, and strikes up a friendship with Ellie. The friendship blossoms into love, he forgives, and rejoins the community. I also loved this story.

The third novella is HEALING HEARTS by Beth Wiseman. Of the three, I disliked this one the most, although it was still good. Naaman Lapp returns to the community after being away, and hopes to make amends with his family. They have a hard time forgiving him for his absence, and feel as though he had abandoned them. I really could not get into this story the way I could with the others, but it was still enjoyable to read.