Saturday, September 18, 2010


From Bethany House, I received a copy of MASQUERADE by Nancy Moser. By page twp, I was enchanted by the characters and storyline. It is one of those books that are impossible to put down. The plot involves Charlotte Gleason, who discovers on her birthday that her family is being shunned. They have lost a great deal of wealth and her father is mentioned in a divorce suit in regards to his “secret” mistress. Stricken with disgrace and poverty, Charlotte – Lottie – is being sent to America to marry a young man of means. Not only is Lottie devastated by leaving home and her family, she fears the new world. When her mother becomes too ill to travel with her, Lottie receives her Lady’s Maid, Dora, as a companion. She dresses Dora in her clothes and teaches her how to act like a Lady. Upon arrival in New York City, the girls decide to switch places. Dora will receive a wealthy heir and a marvelous life. On the other hand, Lottie will have freedom. The book was enchanting with memorable characters, painting a beautiful picture of historic America, as well as a bit of England, and included factual notes at the end. The whole story felt more like a young adult novel than an adult novel.