Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love on a Dime

The cover of LOVE ON A DIME by Cara Lynn James, from Thomas Nelson, won me at first glance. A young woman holds a book entitled DOROTHEA’S DILEMMA, using a corner of it to hide her mouth. Once opening the book, the reader comes to realize the significance. Lilly, the main character, is the author of DOROTHEA’S DILEMMA, as well as other dime novels. Despite praising God, her dime novels are considered scandalous by the wealthy society she grew up in, and so she writes beneath the pen name of Fannie Cole. Her father suffers from a lung ailment, and removes his family to Newport for the summer holiday. While there, Lilly is courted by the dashing Harlan. Her mother is convinced that he will soon ask for Lilly’s hand in marriage. It will bring greater wealth and prestige to the family, as well as gain a prosperous job in Harlan’s company for George, Lilly’s older brother. His wife, Irene, spends and gambles away her husband’s wealth, and even forces Lilly to beg needed cash from Harlan. Lilly is also in dire need of money, for her favorite Christian charity is losing sponsorship and may have to close its doors. All proceeds from her books go to the charity for helping immigrants, but Lilly knows it will not be enough. Then, her past lover Jack reappears in her life, hoping to not only win her back, but also locate the secretive Fannie Cole – for Jack has recently purchased Fannie Cole’s publishing company. Lilly is horrified that Jack will discover her secret, as well as jeopardize her relationship with Harlan. The story ends on an uplifting note, and is part of a series entitled LADIES OF SUMMERHILL.

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