Friday, July 16, 2010


RESURRECTION IN MAY by Lisa Samson, given by Thomas Nelson, was as exciting as depicted. The story involves Claudius Borne. He is a kind, elderly man who lives alone on his farm since the death of his devoted mother. While driving, he comes across May Seymour, who is drunk and in need of help. After bringing her back to his farm, they become friends, and parental feelings develop in him. May is a recent college graduate who has decided to travel to Rwanda, Africa. She stays with Claudius Borne for a while, and then embarks on her African journey. During her African adventures, genocide occurs. The UN asks her to return to America, yet she chooses to stay in her village. Shortly after, everyone in her village is killed. After being raped and cut, she is left for dead. May works to heal herself, and then gathers the bodies together, trying to pair up body parts, and lights it all on fire. She lives in this manner for a few months, and then is rescued by the UN. Back in America, May moves back in with Claudius. Beneath his love, she is able to heal and move on with her life. The book is touching and realistic; however, there is a lot of death concerning animals, something that bothered me. For example, Claudius shoots a turkey for Thanksgiving, and murders one of his chickens in order to make soup for May. It also seemed a little unrealistic May’s parents would willingly allow her to live for long periods with Claudius, essentially a stranger. Overall, though, the book is a thoughtful read.

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