Saturday, October 2, 2010


From Thomas Nelson, I received a copy of THE WAY HOME, a movie based on an inspirational true story. Five minutes into the movie, it easily became the best movie my family and I have seen in months. My dad rated it a 9.75. The story centers on Randy Simpkins, a man who concentrates too much on work. His wife is upset with him for not caring enough about his family, and insists they take a vacation. While packing the van, Randy goes into the house to check his work emails and leaves his two-year-old son, Joe, playing in the driveway. When he comes back outside, Joe is gone. What ensues is a desperate search by the whole neighborhood. Many people pray with Randy and his wife, others start prayer circles in towns across Georgia, and the rest of the community heads off to search with rescue teams. An older man named Ed Walker joins the search, although he has heart trouble, with his son. They break away from their team and travel to a spot known as the “four-corners,” an area of the woods where four one-hundred acre farms meet. Ed played there often as a child, and feels compelled to search for Joe in the area. As night falls, Ed spots Joe’s dog, Cleo…and there nearby is Joe. The movie brings to life how quick a tragedy can happen, and how relying on God can help everything to work out well in the end. Dean Cain, who plays Randy, brings across great emotion. The woman who played his wife, however, could have seemed more upset.

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