Monday, April 11, 2011


I received a copy of THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE by Julie Klassen, from Bethany House. It is a complex, heartwarming story. Once I started it, I found I couldn’t put it down. The girl in the gatehouse is Mariah Aubrey. After a scandalous event at a party, she is exiled from her home and sent to live with her aunt. Her aunt puts in the gatehouse, a fate most girls must dream about. Who does not want to live in a picturesque, miniature castle?

The characters are realistic and endearing. Captain Bryant is the male heartthrob – he fulfills that role and then some. He’s a rich sea Captain, handsome, intelligent, and a great friend. Then there is Dixon, Mariah’s sweet companion, who once was her nanny and then her governess.

Near the gatehouse lies a workhouse. Mariah meets astounding friends there, including two elderly woman, an eccentric man who walks the roof, and playful children. Mariah becomes a stronger person while she lives alone with Dixon – and later Martin, her aunt’s servant, and Lizzy, a young woman from the workhouse. To earn money, Mariah sells the novels she writes, but keeps her identity secret by calling herself “Lady A.”

Who does not want to live in a gatehouse while writing novels, with a handsome captain renting the estate? I will definitely look for more of Julie Klassen’s stories.

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  1. There are many themes woven throughout this novel such as forgiveness, finding hope, and love. There are several love stories strewn throughout this book. I loved them all. I could tell from reading this book that Julie Klassen was inspired by Jane Austen when she wrote this book. I especially loved the quotes that were above each chapter. Many from Jane Austen or her novels. Many of the characters had certain qualities that I've found in Austen. In fact I think Mariah herself was modeled a little after Jane. This is an absolutely charming novel that I couldn't put down. I will definitely re-read this book again.