Monday, August 22, 2011


I received a copy of TURNING YOUR DAY TOWARD GOD: RIGHT FROM THE HEART: A 365 DEVOTIONAL by Bryant Wright, from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze. I first became interested in devotionals a few years ago when my uncle gave one to my mother for Christmas. He had received the same devotional as a gift the year before (from a different family member) and it had really changed his life for the better. My mom and I also loved it, and she read a page a day to the family before bed, as a closing for the day and an opening for the next, something pleasant to dream about and ponder.

This devotional, RIGHT FROM THE HEART, offers that same sense of warm wellbeing. The pages are labeled one for every day of the year (without a year date, so it can be used for any and every year). The entries are short, so they are easy to read in a day, and really get the mind flowing for their insightful, significant, yet easy-to-understand ideas. Each page comes with a quote from the Bible, and the pages that start each new month also include a quote.

Since I needed to blog about the book, I flipped through the pages, rather than refraining from reading ahead (as the author requests in the Introduction – sorry!). I read the one for today, and I also read the one for my birthday. Now that I have a good feel for the book, I will stop looking ahead and stick to that day’s.

My family and I look forward to the entries. Since this book will be kept in the living room, I have a feeling guests will enjoy looking up their birthdays and becoming inspired. The book itself is beautiful. The richly colored covers are textured and designed to look old-fashioned, while the pages are beautifully decorated. This devotional makes a great keepsake, as well as a spectacular, heart-felt gift.

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