Thursday, October 4, 2012


I know everyone is different, but this writer (me) writes so that other people can find enjoyment in her words.  My stories wouldn’t be what they are with my critique partners.  One of my most amazing critique partners is L. M. Preston.  Let’s all share the love – help me help her celebrate the release of her new book, PURGATORY REIGN.  It’s a paranormal romance, action adventure novel for young adults.  The eBook will be released in March 2013 and the print version will come out in May 2013. 

Instead of me raving about how incredibly awesome the book is (and yes, it is.  I’ve already read it), here are some links so you can check it out yourself:

(Is it just me, or are book trailers totally addicting?  I can’t stop watching them.  Then I get that giddy, I-can’t-wait-to-read-this feeling and grab a copy)

Read sample:

(See what I mean about the awesomeness?)

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(Then you don’t have to worry about ordering it later on)

Barnes & Noble: coming soon

Indie Bound: coming soon

Books A Million: coming soon

Of course, I can’t forget LM’s details:

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