Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kaylen's Rising

I received a copy of KAYLEN’S RISING, book one in the Tomes of Taria series, by Yves Robichaud in exchange for an honest review.  

First I must point out the cover.  I love it!  It evokes mystery, danger, a bit of comedy, and has a strong comic feel.  I love comics!  I also must point out the name.  I have a cousin named Kaelin.  When she’s a little older, I will recommend this book to her.  This is a young adult fantasy, so she’s just a few years early. 

The book is exciting from start to finish.  Kaylen is an elf on a mission.  I found it cool that he’s a teenage elf.  Normally in fantasy novels, they are kids or adults, but not elves.

I recommend this strongly to fans of YA fantasy.

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