Friday, September 25, 2015

She's Almost a Teenager

I received a copy of SHE’S ALMOST A TEENAGER: ESSENTIAL CONVERSATIONS TO HAVE NOW by Peter and Heather Larson, and David and Claudia Arp, from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. 

I enjoy books like this – a friend calls them parenting guides – because of my education background.  I started reading these during my college years as preparation for becoming a good teacher and strong guide for my students.  Right now I am teaching in a banking world, but I still enjoy reading these.  I also teach writing workshops to adults and I would like to teach them for children as well.

So for this book… I enjoyed reading the authors mention their daughters.  It made it sound very real.  This wasn’t a dull, boring book.  These were people talking to you in an intelligent, honest, conversational tone.  This book is geared toward moms and dads.  I really liked that, as most I read are more geared toward moms. 

SHE’S ALMOST A TEENAGER features eight sections, or “conversations.”  These are the big-talk picture, the friends talk, the academics talk, the body talk, the faith talk, the boys talk, the money talk, and the tech talk.  No section is overly preachy while still maintaining roots in a firm faith. 

A solid 4 stars from me.  I am recommending this to all my friends who have almost teenage daughters.

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