Monday, February 22, 2016

The Spanish Club

I received a copy of THE SPANISH CLUB by Danielle Burnette for an honest review. 

I describe my reading taste as “eclectic.” Lately I have been reading fantasy, but this one looked like a great mix of drama and history.  I love history!

Nothing in this novel disappointed me. It reminded me a lot of the Spanish Club at my high school.  I wasn’t part of it, but they would go to Spain and I remember hearing the stories they would bring back.  I realize this is a different country, but much of what they said rang true in this book. 

THE SPANISH CLUB throws you right into Mexico with beautiful imagery and dialogue.  I have never been, but now I feel that I have, in a way.  I highly recommend this to teens who are interested in different countries.  The historical tidbits were my favorite parts. 

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