Monday, July 18, 2016

An Elegant Facade

I received a review copy of AN ELEGANT FACADE by Kristi Ann Hunter from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.  It is the second installment in the Hawthrone House series. 

There is nothing like a beautiful story to brighten a day, and AN ELEGANT FAÇADE did that for me.  A detailed setting, lively characters, moments of humor, and a sweet romance round out this novel of historical fiction.

Georgina, the main characters, is dyslexic.  In her world, this causes a major problem and a secret she fights to guard.  I had not read another book that dealt with dyslexia, so I could appreciate it all the more.  Georgina is extremely real as a character, with her many fault, but at the end is great at redeeming herself.

I had not read book one before diving into this one, and I regret that, as characters from that first story make appearances in this one.  If I was familiar with that book, I feel this would have been a more well-rounded story.  However, I was able to enjoy AN ELEGANT FAÇADE on its own. 

I recommend this to people who love historical fiction and clean Christian romance.  I also recommend this for anyone looking for a story about dyslexia. 

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