Monday, December 26, 2016


The cover captured me.  I love the image of the stone – and of course the title is catchy too.  I dove in late at night, and didn’t expect to read as much of it as I did in one sitting!  The characters are endearing.

My favorite part is how well the female and male characters were written.  I’ve read quite a few romance novels – all of them by women – where all the characters sounded female.  It made some of those books quite awkward when both of the main characters seemed like the same person.  Hey, opposites are supposed to attract! 

The romance in GYPSY STONE was perfect.  Sometimes the romance is heavy handed, or feels wishy-washy.  There was just the right amount, and she wrote them tastefully. 

The setting is another aspect you’re sure to enjoy.  The setting in a story makes or breaks it for me, and this setting was described beautifully.  You feel as if you are there.

I do recommend this, but because of the romantic aspects, it would be most enjoyed by a fellow romance lover.

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