Friday, January 13, 2017

The Chronicles Of Being Isisti

I received a copy of All Legends: The Chronicles Of Being Isisti: The Prequel to the Curse of Mary by Nicolajayne Taylor.  I had not read THE CURSE OF MARY prior to reading this.  You can read this as a standalone and enjoy it – I did!  I will, however, be looking for THE CURSE OF MARY to add to my to be read list.

This book is told from Isisti’s point of view.  Isisti is a demon.  I’ve always had a thing for stories that take on the demon’s point of view, mainly because I grew up with books where the demon was the bad guy, totally one sided.  You hated him or her, and that as that.  This book paints the demon as complex, worthy of a reader’s attention. 

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