Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another for Today

My mother was rearranging the family room today. She set up the coffee table with some pretty decorations, and a book - her version of a coffee table book. It is John Adams by David McCullough. It is a great book, one I really enjoyed reading. (I am very into history. I probably should have majored in it. I'm also obsessed with the Revolutionary War, and used to volunteer at Fort Stanwix) It might not be my idea of a coffee table book, but so far it has sparked conversation. My mother and I are also going to start taking quotes from it to use on a daily basis.


  1. That is cool. I've never been a history buff but the whole taking qoutes from booksand using them daily i do this often. Not just books thogh sometimes it could be song lyrics and I would say-What was that from? It's fun... Especially on boring car rides.

  2. A, good for boring car rides!