Saturday, March 20, 2010

This time, I am reviewing a DVD as opposed to a book...

I was excited to receive a copy of Gigi’s Big Break from Thomas Nelson. The DVD includes two stories about Gigi, God’s Little Princess. The first “episode” involves Gigi breaking a vase and then lying to her parents about the cat breaking it. Her lie was so fabricated that it was funny. The second episode involved her dealing with the fact that her mother is going to have a baby. The shows are cute, and in Gigi’s imagination, her cat speaks. Gigi’s voice is entertaining and incredible. The stories, however, were not as religious as I had hoped. Gigi seemed very materialistic. There was a bible quote at the end and the family said grace at the table, but that was all. The guessing game at the end of the first video seemed a little unrelated. I felt that again it was materialistic as the words to be guessed were crown, thrown and boa. At first, when it said the guessing game, I thought it would be religious verses or commandments. I also did not get why she was called God’s Little Princess. The Bonus material was fun. The trivia game at the end was good and played back parts of the show to reinforce the answers to the questions. The lessons on drawing the characters were also good. Overall, I liked the video and thought it was entertaining and catchy, I was just disappointed that it seemed to show Gigi in such a materialistic light and there was too little religion.

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