Saturday, April 3, 2010

Excellent Biography

I was excited to receive from Thomas Nelson a copy of The Revolutionary Paul Revere by Joel J. Miller. Despite my addiction to history, I was expecting the novel to be a bit dry. Biographies usually are, but this one is the exception. I read the book in two days, barely able to bring myself to put it down. The story was fast-paced and reminded me of a fiction novel due to the flowing verse. The story begins by describing the life of his father. Most of the facts in the story are ones I had never heard of before. Some of these facts were how Paul Revere became a silversmith. Paul Revere is a character that children grow up with, knowing that he warned of the British coming, but little else. This book opens up a new world and introduces a beloved character that has always been shrouded in an enigma. The book is interspersed with actual pictures that portray aspects of the story as it is being told. I loved the book up until the end. It ended abruptly with his death. Yes, the book was about him (and therefore, when he died, the material dwindled), but I wanted to know much more about the aftermath of his death. The ending left me wanting more. Overall, the book left a good aftertaste. I had left the book on the table and my mother picked it up and started looking at it. She too started reading and could not put it down. It is a well-written, sometimes witty book, that is a must read for all history lovers or anyone wanting more information on the backdrop of the Revolutionary War.

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