Saturday, January 22, 2011


I received a copy of THE PROMISES SHE KEEPS by Erin Healy, from Thomas Nelson. In one word, I can describe the novel as “weird.” Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, as I usually enjoy “weird” books. The story involves Promise, a young woman who is dying of cystic fibrosis. She dreams of becoming a singer so that people will remember her long after she is gone. Promise meets Zack at college and he asks her if he can take pictures to draw from. At first Promise is weary, but eventually agrees. Her wrap blows away and when she dives for it, she crashes into a fence and falls down a cliff. Miraculously she is unharmed. Zack shows the picture of her going over to his mother. His mother, Porta, is a sorceress searching for immortality. When she heard about Promise, Porta believes she can use the young woman for her gain. She begins stalking Promise, and wants Zack to try to kill her to prove Porta’s theory. A young man named Chase, who has autism, gets in Porta’s way. He draws pictures of trees that are “meant” for people and can see Porta means Promise harm. The book was very interesting and I could not put it down until I was done, but I did not feel the “love” that the back of novel boasted.

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