Saturday, May 28, 2011


I received a copy of THE SERAPH SEAL by Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner, from Thomas Nelson through BookSneeze. The front of the cover depicts the back of an angel statue – very intriguing. The story involves a prophecy that begins in 2012 when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are born…as well as Matthew Serafino and Paul Binder. The story then centers on the year 2048 as the world slowly unravels. Paul Binder begins work on a Syrian manuscript, and discovers lost secrets of the world. The end of the book includes Paul Binder’s “notebook,” which helped to tie the story together and made a great resource while reading. The end also included a list of terms.

The characters were very complex and realistic, but there were quite a few and sometimes it was difficult to keep track of them. Chapters included many character and scene breaks, which also made the story a bit confusing.

Since the story takes place in the future, I would have liked to see more “futuristic” terms. There were some “new” gadgets, but more of them would have added extra flavor. I love futuristic books because of those aspects, and this novel really did not have them.

I enjoyed the book overall, and even though it was long – 527 pages – it did not take very long to finish. The scenes moved quickly.

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  1. The book is very long and since there are a few characters from all over the world. The first few chapters will be a little confusing since the plot will bounce from one person to the next. But once you get to know the characters, it will be easier and fast pace. Dan Brown fans would like this. It is complete with mystery, suspence, history, religion, politics and love.