Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I received a copy of THE GRACE EFFECT: HOW THE POWER OF ONE LIFE CAN REVERSE THE CORRUPTION OF UNBELIEF by Larry Alex Taunton from Thomas Nelson, via BookSneeze. As soon as I looked over the back cover, I was excited to start reading. The author, Larry Taunton, meets Sasha, an Ukrainian orphan. Atheistic theorists had shaped her, but with his guidance, she embraces God through the power of grace.

The book began a bit slow and dry. It felt more like a textbook, but the words were interesting, describing the goal of atheists , and leading into the debate about God, as driven by atheists versus Christians. From there, the story began, with Larry Taunton and his family in an airport. The actual story is well written enough to make you feel as if you are there with them. Larry Taunton writes with exhilarating voice and insight, bringing the people to life. Actual photographs are interspersed throughout the chapters, and each chapter begins with a quote from somewhere else, such as the Ukraine Travel Guide. Dialogue is woven amongst information, keeping the reading grounded in the truth behind the words. By the last page, I had tears in my eyes. It is definitely the type of book to pass on for others to read.

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