Friday, January 27, 2012


I received a copy of THE COMING REVOLUTION: SIGNS FROM AMERICA’S PAST THAT SIGNAL OUR NATION’S FUTURE by Dr. Richard G. Lee, from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze. I was excited to see this book offered, because I had heard a lot about it from my father – he had read about it on the Internet.

THE COMING REVOLUTION is divided into seven parts. My favorite is part three, What the Founders Believed. I love history, so I found this to be extremely fascinating. As a whole, the book kept my interest, but I never had an “aha” or “oooh” moment. I love history, but I am not very into politic, so I understand I may not be the target audience. Parts of it seemed bias. One page one, Dr. Richard G. Lee states: “But America is not merely the world’s richest and most powerful nation.” Through history classes, I have learned to study all sides of an issue, and this book did not do that for me.

For a more rounded view of the book, I asked my dad to read it. He is very interested in politics and loved the book. One of my friends, another political enthusiast, called this “spot on.” I recommend this to anyone interested in history and politics, and anyone who would like to read about an opinion of where the United States of America is heading.

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