Saturday, April 7, 2012


Oliver Neubert sent me his first book in the Wind of Life series, THE FLYERS, in exchange for a review. My review can be found here:

After the review, we continued to talk and he graciously agreed to an interview, located here:

Now, he’s sent me the sequel to THE FLYERS. The second book in the young adult fantasy series, the Wind of Life, is THE WANDERERS. I was hoping for another story about Timo, but THE WANDERERS follows the path of fourteen-year-old Rider (this book did reference THE FLYERS enough that I still felt satisfied). Where the first book involved mountains, this one dwelt more with the forests and the haunted Flatlands. I found I could connect with it more, since my house is surrounded by a forest. I could picture looking through my bedroom window and seeing Rider, talking to his little sister, Pia.

Like the first book, this is a delightful, quick read – I managed it in two lunches. Oliver Neubert is a truly outstanding author. Not only is he a great writer – his characters come to life in realistic settings – but he is a great person as well. He connects with his readers. I am very grateful to him for sending me this book, and look forward to not only reading the third installment of the Wind of Life, but also his other novels. I highly recommend this book, and the series, to fantasy lovers and young adult readers.

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