Thursday, December 20, 2012


I received a copy of STARFLOWER by Anne Elisabeth Stengl from Bethany House.  This is the fourth novel in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, but its set before the first book.  I have read all of the books except for the first, but it was a while ago and I did not remember much.  With that said, STARFLOWER works fine as a standalone novel.  There are references to characters from other books, but it only adds to the depth of the series without making this book confusing.

Like the others in the series, it has an intriguing, picturesque cover, very eye-catching.  The chapters move along quickly, with relatable dialogue and realistic characters.  There is plenty of magic, too.  You might not realize it from look at the cover, but it’s about dragons – I love dragons.  Anne Elisabeth Stengl adds her own twist to the dragon myth that is very refreshing and entertaining.  To put it simply, a dragon kidnaps the princess.  Two men must fight for her hand in marriage.  STARFLOWER is anything but simple, though.

I recommend this to fantasy and romance fans, especially those who love Christian fiction.  Although this is an adult book, it will easily appeal to teenagers and could work with middle school children.  

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