Monday, March 18, 2013


I received a copy of MY VERY FIRST EASTER STORY from Kregel Publications.  The text is written by Lois Rock and the illustrations are by Alex Ayliffe.  When I first received my copy in the mail, my mom said, “Yay, a sticker book!”  Each page is divided into two sections, the upper half dedicated to the story of Easter and the bottom half created for activities.  The activities involve counting birds, amongst others.  The stickers are applicable to both sections.  I found the book to be an interesting way to introduce children to Easter.  It would be perfect to tuck into an Easter basket or to play with at the dinner table while surrounded by family.  There are spaces on the pages that represent where the stickers go – I would have personally preferred to put them on wherever I wanted, but the direction should be good for kids.  I didn’t actually use the stickers.  After I read the story, I gave the book to a coworker for her little brother.  He’s eleven and absolutely adored it.  She said that he played and read it for hours.  The back cover lists other books in the series, including MY VERY FIRST NOAH AND THE ARK and MY VERY FIRST JONAH AND THE WHALE who want to continue the learning experience. 

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