Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nightmare Illustrated

One of the best words of writing advice I have received came in high
school when my teacher told me to market short stories.

“Get your name out there,” she said.

I switched from writing novels to short stories just like that.  Okay,
maybe not just like that.  I still wrote novels, but I interspersed
them with quirky, quick tales.  One of those short stories became
titled “What Spring Brings,” the story of a healer and her daughter.
When the healer visits a patient, her little daughter wanders into the
woods…where she encounters a beast.  Will anyone believe her?

After I wrote the yarn, it chose to sit in my document folder.  Okay,
so maybe it didn’t choose so much as I set it aside.  It had been fun
to write, but I wanted to focus on another full-length manuscript at
the time.  A few months ago, I skimmed through my old short stories
and the title caught my attention.  After rereading it, I decided to
throw it out there and see if anyone bit.

Nightmare Illustrated, a magazine dedicated to horror stories,
snatched it up.  “What Spring Brings” is published in Issue 5 of
Nightmare Illustrated.  Within the glossy covers, you’ll find fifteen
tales that will keep you reading long into the dark, stormy nights.

I was thrilled when artist Emily Holt contacted me shortly before the
publication date to let me know she would create the illustrations for
“What Spring Brings.”  Her amazing artwork helps to bring the
characters to fruition.

Nightmare Illustrated is available only on Lulu.com.

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