Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I received a copy of CANDLE PRAYERS FOR KIDS by Claire Freedman from Candle Books via Kregel.  It is a hardcover book illustrated by Jo Parry and intended for children.

I found this book delightful and perfect for kids of all ages.  For a young child, it can be used by a parent or teacher to read aloud.  My mother read aloud to me as soon as I was born.  My fondest memories are of curling up with her on the bed listening to a story and watching the pictures. 

I enjoy every “Candle” book I receive.  They bring the Bible to life for kids in colorful ways a young mind can understand.  CANDLE PRAYERS FOR KIDS includes 128 pages of simple prayers intended for children to say.  There are 20 different categories, such as “Thank you, God” and “Prayers for Others.”  This book will help introduce prayers to children, and once they begin to say these, they will be able to say their own straight from their hearts. 

I highly recommend this for children, teachers, and parents.  I will be passing on my copy to my cousin for her little daughter’s birthday.  I hope that my cousin shares this with both of her daughters, and that it brings enlightenment and comfort to their lives.

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