Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Your Life Still Counts

I received a copy of YOUR LIFE STILL COUNTS: HOW GOD USES YOUR PAST TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE by Tracie Miles from Bethany House.  As always is the case when I receive a book from Bethany House, it was top quality. 

The book is what I would call “self-help.”  I enjoy those types of books, as they encourage me to think about my life and the deeds of the people around me.  I urge friends to talk to me about their lives, and if I can relate any part of a book I’ve read to them, I am quick to contribute advice.  Sometimes this advice is unwarranted – no, they never show anger – but I like to think that it does help. 

YOUR LIFE STILL COUNTS escorts you on a journey where the author proves you can still be loved no matter your past.  Real world examples mingle with Biblical quotes.  Tracie Miles uses real life examples and examples from other women.  This is not just a “female” book although that is the main focus; men will find enlightenment as well.

I recommend this book to those who feel haunted by their past or for anyone hoping to help someone who feels that way.

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