Monday, February 23, 2015


I received a copy of LIFT THE FLAP BIBLE with text by Karen Williamson from Lion Hudson from Kregel in exchange for an honest review. It is part of the “Candle Tiny Tots” series.  The illustrations are by Louise Anglicas, and they are colorful and intriguing.  They appear to be different papers, with varying colors and patterns, pasted together to form images – but of course it looks better than what I just described!  The book includes eight Bible stories perfect for young readers.  The stories are just tidbits, but they will lead into longer discussions.  When young children hear more about those people, such as Daniel, they will be able to relate back to this book.

I will admit that some of the flaps were a bit weird.  The outside of the flap, facing the reader upon opening to that page, revealed an animal, for example, and when you lifted the flap, it was the same animal, but slightly different.  One flap involved a bird, and the inside showed the bird lifting its wings.  While all the flaps were cute, for some of them I was expecting something a bit more.

The book is designed for children ten months and older.  I am going to pass it on to a friend who has a young son and another on the way.  I hope that their family enjoys reading this aloud, as my family did when we received it.

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