Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Babylon Contingency

I received a copy of THE BABYLON CONTINGENCY: ARCHEOLOGY AT ITS MOST DANGEROUS by Clifford Longley from Lion Fiction via Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.  I was very excited for this book.  Basically, I love archeology.  I’m not an archeologist by any means, although one of my close friends is, but I’ve always been drawn into that world.  I want to discover the secrets of the past by studying how people lived.  I always feel as though some great path is going to open up that reveals a significant truth.  So, back to the book, I was thrilled to read it and dove right in.  The chapters moved along nicely.  The characters were strong and the setting easy to imagine.

It did, however, feel rushed in several places of the story.  Many of the things referenced to new to me – which might just mean that I lived a sheltered life – but I got to learn by studying them.  I love to learn. 

The coded disks are my part of the novel.  Overall, I recommend this to people who love politics and history.  I enjoy history, but not so much politics, so that’s why my rating is a bit lower.

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