Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bible Dominoes

I received a copy of BIBLE DOMINOES from Lion Hudson in exchange for an honest review.  This isn’t actually a book.  It is exactly what it sounds like – these are dominoes.  I was actually pretty excited about these.  I had never played dominoes before, even though we do have a set in a little case, and I loved the theme. 

With that said, I have mixed feelings.  I’m going to do the sandwich idea.  The good, the bad, and end with more good. 

The good: These are dominoes with Bible-themed pictures on them.  They are cardboard, so kids can play with them, although excessive play might harm them.  It comes with a short Bible storybook.

The bad: The dominoes are big, so they don’t fit well in small hands.  Kids would have to lay them down in order to play and then the other players would see what they have.  The book is a little too short.  The pictures on the dominoes sort of relate to the stories, but I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to play and then read, or if you played a card and then read the corresponding story.  (Both ways would work).  These felt more like colorful, kid-friendly dominoes rather than Bible dominoes. 

More of the good:  I played this with my family, and my 70-year-old uncle loved them.  I do recommend these as a fun game.  

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