Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Hardest Thing to Do

I received a copy of THE HARDEST THING TO DO by Penelope Wilcock from Kregel in exchange for an honest review.  It is the fourth book in the Hawk and the Dove series.  I really enjoy this series.  The other books were all captivating and left me with a warm feeling.  This one is no exception to that rule. 

Welcome to the world of St. Alcuin’s Abbey.  The people are amazing and heartfelt.  Everyone is truly realistic.   I loved immersing myself in the 1300s.  It isn’t something you get to do every day, but it is something Penelope Wilcox will help you to do with each of her books. 

My favorite part of all is getting inside of the characters’ heads to experience their emotions, reasoning, and thoughts of The One.  There is bound to be one character, if not more, in this story who will enchant you to no end.  If you’re like me, you will end up liking everyone as you read about their strengths and weaknesses.  It will also inspire deep religious conversations.  Five stars!

I highly recommend this series and in particular this installment.  The Hawk and the Dove series is one to treasure on your bookshelves. 

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