Monday, October 5, 2015

The Methuselah Project

I received a copy of THE METHUSELAH PROJECT by Rick Barry from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. 
The cover is top-notch.  My dad was present when I opened the package.  He saw the airplane on the cover, threw out a bunch of facts about that model, and then asked if he could read it when I was done.  (Of course he can!  He will be getting it next)  Later on a friend saw it sitting on the stairs and fell in love with the male model’s eyes.  She asked if she could read it.  Sorry, you’re getting it after my dad!
For my own opinions, I really enjoyed the novel.  I loved the mixture of history with the contemporary.  There is also some romance mixed in, the kind that makes you say “awe” out loud.  I stumbled over some of the pilot lingo, but I know people like my dad will revel in it. 
My favorite part of the novel is Roger’s reaction to modern day things.  Often I was laughing out loud.
My friend who liked the model’s eyes read the back cover and related the book to captain America.  After reading it, I do sort of see a resemblance, but this book has much more depth. 

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