Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Hope You Dance

I received a copy of I HOPE YOU DANCE by Beth Moran from Lion Fiction via Kregel in exchange for an honest review.  I had previously read her other book, MAKING MARION, so I was excited to give this one a try. 

Like MAKING MARION, it is full of realistic and engaging characters.  I HOPE YOU DANCE focuses on Ruth.  After the death of her partner, she and her daughter are forced to move back in with her estranged parents.  I found that interesting, as I know many people who have recently moved back in with their parents due to various reasons. 

I enjoyed the strong Christian background, as it painted an elegant picture for the characters and setting.  The town itself seems to be its own character.  I love books like that, where the setting really comes to life.  You feel as if you culd walk next door to meet Ruth.  Speaking of the Christian perspective, it isn’t heavily overdone, and I feel this book could better fall into the category of “chick lit.” 

Everyone has a weakness, but also a strength.  Ruth is an amazing protagonist.  I want to think that everyone who reads this book will be able to learn something from her. 

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