Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shadow of the Storm

I received a copy of SHADOW OF THE STORM by Connilyn Cossette from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.  It is the second book in the “Out from Egypt” series.  Unfortunately I didn’t read book one prior to book two.  I’ll have to look for it now, as this book was quite addicting.  Also, you don’t need to have read book one to enjoy book two.  I understand some characters resurface, but if you only pick up book two, you won’t be confused.

SHADOW OF THE STORM is considered Biblical fiction.  The story involves those who left Egypt in the Exodus.  Shira is a Levite woman and Dvorah is Egyptian.  I loved how each woman had a distinctive voice.  Nothing bothers me more in a book as when every character sounds the same.

Every character brings something to the story, making this a well-rounded plot with realistic dialogue and touching scenes.  I highly recommend this for fans of Christian fiction.  Pick up this book – you won’t be disappointed.

This book is going in my personal collection, as I have a feeling I will be rereading it time and time again.  I hope to see more books by Connilyn Cossette in the future. 

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