Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Never Give Up

I received a copy of NEVER GIVE UP: YOU’RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK by John Mason from Revell in exchange for an honest review.
I didn’t expect to read it as fast as I did.  The book flies by and feels as if the author is having a personal conversation with you.
Parts of this really resonated with me.  Ever since having my baby, at times I feel overwhelmed by everything I want to do, need to do, and just being exhausted in general.  Many parts spoke to me, such as about procrastination.  I’ve found myself procrastinating more now than ever before.  I blame the exhaustion – but I can’t let exhaustion stop me.  Sometimes things are obvious, like that saying, but we need someone else to say them to us to really make them click.
Other sections in this book are perfect for me to use for other people.  There are many people in my life who struggle to get things done.  This book provided tools for my tool belt so I can assist them and know just what to say.

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