Friday, May 5, 2017

Under a Desert Sky

I received a copy of UNDER THE DESERT SKY: REDEFINING HOPE, BEAUTY, AND FAITH IN THE HARDEST PLACES by Lynne Hartke from Revell in exchange for an honest review.  Oftentimes we think that things in life are too hard.  We want to give up.  I remember a time back in college when my class decided to donate winter coats to an inner-city school.  I was broke.  I couldn’t donate 5 winter coats like everyone else.  My mom took me aside and asked me if I had two arms.  I said yes.  She asked if I had two legs.  I said yes.  She told me that there are people out there who wished they could be me, but I was complaining about not affording winter coats? 
This book reminded me of that conversation.  The author, Lynne Hartke, puts life in perspective using thoughtful insight.  Her struggle with cancer is real.  She writes in such a way that you understand exactly what she’s going through.  Her reflections will keep you up late pondering life.

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