Saturday, July 22, 2017

Egypt's Sister

I received a copy of EGYPT’S SISTER: A NOVEL OF CLEOPATRA by Angela Hunt from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.  It is the first book in the “Silent Years” series.  I had read other books by Angela Hunt, so I knew it would be in for a treat.

This book is a delight.  I have always felt a passion for books about Ancient Egypt, and Cleopatra in general.  It all began when I was in elementary school and read Cleopatra’s fictional diary.  After that I couldn’t get my hands on enough material, both books and movies, about Egypt.  I haven’t read that much in the past few years, so imagine my delight when this fell into my lap and sparked my love all over again.

EGYPT’S SISTER is filled with rich, historical details.  It transports you into the past.  Unlike some stories that only feature happiness, this one is raw and realistic.  Go in knowing that you will gasp.  You will cringe.  You may need to set it down for a minute.

I feel the need to point out this is Christian fiction.  It adds an extra level of depth.  Usually the Cleopatra books that I read are strictly secular.   I look forward to reading the sequel when it comes out.

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