Friday, August 4, 2017

Her Darkest Knight

This is such a fun book!  I am a huge fan of historical romance, and became hooked in high school.  Unfortunately, everything I got my hands on back then was Harlequin.  Many of the sex scenes spoiled the overall fun  of the story, and random scenes broke up the flow as if they were placed only for shock value.  That’s not the case with HER DARKEST KNIGHT, which happens to be a clean historical romance.  Yes, it is CLEAN, but that doesn’t take away from the romance. 

Isabel and Turstin are electric together.  You can feel their chemistry and you keep rooting for them to succeed.  The setting is beautifully described and all of the action flows well with the plot.  Highly recommended for fans of historical romance.  This is an adult book, however, it would be perfect for teens too who are looking to get into the romance genre like I was once upon a time ago.

I did read this before reading book 1 and found it enjoyable, so this does work as a standalone.

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