Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I received a copy of THREE CUPS by Tony Townsley and Mark St. Germain, from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze. It is a children’s book, intended to teach young people how to manage their money. On a special occasion, such as a child’s fifth birthday, they are given three cups from the kitchen cabinet. The first cup is labeled “give,” the second is labeled “save,” and the third is labeled “spend.” Whenever the child earns money, such as from allowance or a job, they divide the money between each cup. When the “saving” cup becomes full, the child learns how to put money into the bank. At the end of the story, the main character’s savings are spent on college.

The money from the “giving” cup is donated to organizations and the church. This teaches children how to help others and feel good about themselves. The “spending” cup allows the child to use their money for things they want. The book encourages parents and guardians to make a list of possible items the child may want.

The three cups method works much better than a piggy bank, for example, where all the money goes into one place. It is a good visual to show children how to manage their money. I have my degree in elementary education, and recognize this as a great book for classrooms. I will keep it for my own, and also share it with my future children someday. The book makes a valuable gift. It could even be presented with three cups.

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