Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utica Writers Club - Interview #2

Today's blog will center exclusively on the Utica Writers Club. I've invited Sue Pinto, president of the Utica Writers Club, to join us.

Kissed by Literature: Hello, Sue. In your own words, what exactly is the Utica Writers Club?

Sue: The UWC is a group that allows writers, of all levels and experience, to share. It gives each person the opportunity to receive valuable insight and
criticism on one's work while also allowing them to share opinions and
advice on the work of others.

KbL: How did you first hear about the Utica Writers Club?

Sue: I had asked the librarian at one of the libraries if anyone was aware of a writer's group I could join. At the time, the UWC was meeting at the New Hartford Public Library.

KbL: How long have you been a member?

Sue: I believe I joined in Oct. of 2008.

KbL: What's your favorite thing about the club?

Sue: I can't say that there is one aspect I like the most about the UWC. I enjoy hearing other's stories and enjoy the chance to critically think about a piece. I like being able to confer with others on how to improve writing, whether it's mine or someone else's work.

KbL: What stories do you write?

Sue: I write picture books and have a middle grade novel written. I tend to write what I know. I have five kids so my writing is often inspired by them.

KbL: Anything else you would like to add?

Sue: The UWC has hosted two best-selling authors, Bruce Coville and Maria V. Snyder, in 2010 and 2011. Our hope is to continue to bring authors, agents, and publishers to this area for more workshops and learning opportunities. We will also be looking into coordinating trips to various writing workshops and conferences.

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