Saturday, December 24, 2011


I received a copy of TYNDALE: THE MAN WHO GAVE GOD AN ENGLISH VOICE by David Teems from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze. When I saw this offered on the website, BookSneeze, I was thrilled. I have always been interested in William Tyndale. I read a lot of novels and biographies on Henry VIII and his family, and William Tyndale is a prominent part of those stories. I had researched Tyndale on the Internet, but this book made the perfect resource. Each chapter flows smoothly like a novel. The easy-to-read writing style includes quotes and religious references. The historical details take you right back in time.

Tyndale played a central role to the Reformation, by translating the Word of God into English. For this, he was considered a “heretic” and his life was placed in jeopardy, yet he clung to his beliefs. Reading about his life and what brought him to his life’s works really opened my eyes to the man behind the “heretic.” This is a great book to use in a classroom as a supplement to religious or Tudor studies. It also makes a splendid gift for history fans. Although this copy has made it into my permanent collection, I will be picking up others to give to my uncle and mother.


Merry Christmas!

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