Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Name: Donna Luck-Martin


Having only just passed the 50 year mark in life, I find myself having more time to reflect on my life and the lives of friends and family and the general state of the world we are living in.

Some of these short essays will be comical, some serious, and some laced with advice for the reader, most particularly to help them avoid the pitfalls myself and others have endured over the years.

Why would anyone care to read about me?  Curiosity, for one.  As an avid reader of biographies, I know there is a market for other recounts of real life, and I’d like to think that someone who is from an Upstate New York rural life, a child of adoption who grows up to marry her high school sweetheart and embarks on a life of a military wife, only to be divorced and left to raise her son as a single mom, and in her mid 30’s heads down an entirely new career path (or two) might be interesting to others.  Along the way, I encounter good, bad and definitely “ugly” people and places as well as made many friends from all walks of life. 

I have been published in newspapers, and did some freelance writing in my days as a military wife. My current position as an EMS instructor/clinician requires that I compose and present numerous educational pieces.

First 250 words:




And down I go again, landing face first at the edge of  macadam and gravel, skidding on my outstretched hands.

My first thought is,  “o.k. how many people saw THAT?” and my second is..”damn, that hurts!”

I glance down at my left hand to see blood dripping from the palm and between the first two fingers where the greatest force of my weight had been borne, scraping away skin and embedding small pieces of blacktop. I then realize my hat is about five feet away, and that my left breast hurts where it took the impact of my camera.

“Oh no, not the camera! Oh it’s o.k, not a scratch, whew!”

“Are you o.k?” I hear  over my  shoulder.

“Yes, thank you” I mumble, now doubly embarrassed that I am still seated on the ground.

“Here’s your hat, do you need help up?” she asks.

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