Monday, September 17, 2012


I received a copy of MORTAL FIRE by C. F. Dunn from Monarch Books via Kregel. It is part of the Secret of the Journal series.  I tried really hard to like this book.  I love journals, I love secrets, and I love mysteries – so yes, I was excited to read this when I received it in the mail.  The cover also intrigued me.  I guess you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  

I read this a few weeks ago and decided to sit on it before writing a review. I started one and then deleted it.  So, it seems only fair to point out the positives first in this review.  The story was realistic and I enjoyed the characters.  I enjoyed seeing Emma, the main character, make friends and fall in love.  The thing I liked the most about the novel was that Emma is a professor.  I’m teaching college classes for the first time this autumn semester.  I compared my college with Emma’s, and even though my community college must be much smaller than an “exclusive university.”  I had fun comparing the people at the university with people I work with.  I also love history, so I could connect with Emma on that level.  

My major fault with the story is hard to place my finger on: I just couldn’t get into the story.  The first chapter, involving a car accident, confused me, taking me out of the novel.  I’m sure that other people would enjoy this, especially other professors.  I will probably look for book two, ABYSS, when it comes out, so that I can give the series another chance. 

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