Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I received a copy of SNEAK by Evan Angler from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze. It’s the second book in the Young Adult, dystopian Swipe series (which starts with SWIPE, which I also read, courtesy of BookSneeze, and loved).  While I do love reading, only a few actually get me so excited I can’t wait to read.  This was did as soon as I opened the packaging.  SWIPE left me anxious to learn what happened to the main characters, Logan and Erin.  This quenched my thirst while still leaving me eager for what I hope will be a third book in the series.  I literally read SNEAK in one day; I couldn’t put it down for long. 

While I do read dystopian novels, that genre isn’t my friend.  I’ll often read them because one of my friends loves dystopian stories, so we can discuss them.  SNEAK actually made me want to write a dystopian.  Evan Angler is an outstanding wordsmith.  Without being too wordy, each sentence packs a punch and leaves you reading onward.  Despite the futuristic setting, the characters and adventures are realistic. 

The people in Evan Angler’s world must be Marked by the government.  After they are Marked, they can buy groceries, go to concerts, etcetera.  The Swipe series follows a group of the unmarked through danger, twists, and turns.  Since Erin and Logan are main characters, boys and girls will both enjoy SNEAK.  It would be a great addition to a middle or high school classroom library.  

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