Friday, September 7, 2012


Lauraine Snelling is one of my favorite authors of Christian historical fiction.  I read her series, Dakotah Treasures, when I was in high school.  After book 1, RUBY, I rushed to the bookstore to read the rest.  I also read her books TENDER MERCIES and A PROMISE FOR ELLIE, both from different series.  I didn’t love them as much as Dakotah Treasures; however, I was thrilled to receive WHISPERS IN THE WIND by Lauraine Snelling from Bethany House.  When I saw it available, I literally said, “Yes!”  It’s the second novel in the Wild West Wind series.  I haven’t read book one yet, but I’ll look for it next time I need to buy a book (which will happen soon, trust me).  I’ll also keep watch for book three when it comes out. 

WHISPERS IN THE WIND involves Cassie Lockwood.  Her father is dead and she left his defunct Wild West show to lay claim to his ranch in South Dakota.  However, he’d purchased the ranch with a friend, so only half of the land belongs to Cassie.  Throughout the story, Cassie faces many struggles: she has to convince the other owners to accept her, she has to decide if she loves Lucas, and she has to survive in a new home.  I enjoyed that she was a trick shooter, but would have liked to have seen more that aspect.  I also would have liked to have seen much, much more to the story than just her struggles.  After a few chapters, I wanted something awesome to happen.  Yes, there were adventures and dangers, but the story seemed too focused on Cassie adapting to the ranch. 

While I enjoyed the novel, I never felt that I connected well with Cassie.  We’re two very different people.  I personally liked Gretchen, a little girl on the ranch, much better, and looked forward to the parts about her. 

I do recommend this to other fans of Christian historical fiction.  It’s a sweet story that left me with a smile, and many times I laughed at Cassie’s ragtag family.   It really brought the time period to life. 

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