Sunday, January 27, 2013

Legend of the Monk and the Merchant

I received a copy of THE LEGEND OF THE MONK AND THE MERCHANT: TWELVE KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL LIVING by Terry Felber Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze.  Overall, I found it an enjoyable and fast-paced read.  The book starts with a foreword about material possessions by Dave Ramsey.  It reminded me of my mother’s philosophy on goods:  only have what you need and use them for the betterment of the world.  You don’t need eights cars.  Stick with one, and whenever possible, use it to help someone who isn’t able to get a ride somewhere important.  Dave Ramsey also mentions that everyone in a business helps out, even those who just answer the phones.  My job is like that – making appointments, answering the telephone, and directing students to their advisers.  I am able to calm them, give them a pleasant experience, in a world that otherwise might not be friendly to him or her.  It helped me to appreciate my job more, and to believe in the role that had once seemed insignificant. 

Now, to the actual story – it reads like a child’s book, but with complex thoughts.  I loved the fact that it was religious and historical.  The storyline occurs during the Renaissance in Rome.  The characters travel through the world meeting people, spreading wisdom, and learning how they can better themselves and humanity.  

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