Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heaven's Lessons

I received a copy of HEAVEN’S LESSONS: TEN THINGS I LEARNED ABOUT GOD WHEN I DIED by Steve Sjogren from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze.  I found it fascinating from cover to cover.  It’s a short book of only one-hundred-sixty pages, but there is a lot packed into there.  The book opens with Steve Sjogren explaining about his near death experience.  Near death experiences have always snared my attention, as they probably do for many people.  Steve Sjogren mentioned that people might just not talk about them; therefore, they are more common than the populace believes. 
Steve Sjogren died during surgery.  His doctor had recommended the removal of his gallbladder.  However, when the surgeon operated to remove it, he struck vital organs instead, for Steve Sjogren was born without a gallbladder.  By the time the mistake was realized, he had bled to death.  Luckily, the professionals were able to revive him by pumping in fresh blood.  While he lay dying, Steve Sjogren looked around to realize he was surrounded by transparent people.  They had their hands linked as they prayed.  He understood them and saw only their goodness.  He believes that they were people who had passed away at the hospital, urging him to live. 
The rest of the book focuses on what Steve Sjogren learned in his new “life.”  He developed a new and more personal relationship with God.  I enjoyed reading about his inner thoughts regarding his new perspectives.  I highly recommend this book to everyone. 

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