Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jesus is __________________

I received a copy of JESUS IS __________: FIND A NEW WAY TO BE HUMAN by Judah Smith from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze.  The foreword is by Bubba Watson.   It is a great way to open the novel.  It really spoke to me, as a human, with its strong, down-to-earth quality.  In it, Bubba mentions connecting with Judah via Twitter.  My literary agent has been pushing me to become more involved in social media.  The foreword proves again how you can build an audience for yourself using Twitter, and other online sources.

JESUS IS __________ tells the story of Jesus in different lights, such as “Jesus is your friend” and “Jesus is grace.”  Each section starts off with “Jesus is ______” and the rest of the sentence is filled in using a different font.  The sections are quick and easy to read.  I shared this with family, who also found great enlightenment.  In our hearts, we know how to live meaningful lives, but sometimes it takes someone telling us for it to really sink in.  On page fifty-eight, Judah Smith says, “Make rules and follow rules as needed, but don’t focus on rules.  Focus on faith.  Focus on grace.  Focus on Jesus.”  Sometimes rules become overpowering and we, as humans, focus solely on them, becoming blind to the things around us. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone hoping to revitalize his or her life.  

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